Exploring New Vessel Concept to Assist Open Ocean Aquaculture

Researchers have been studying how various kinds of vessels operate in the vicinity of facilities exposed to high waves and strong currents and evaluating how weather conditions impact on operations and vessel logistics. Activities in the aquaculture sector represent an important part of day-to-day operations for many vessels. The studies have been carried out at the research center “SFI Exposed,” which is being headed by the Norwegian science institute SINTEF.

Out on the facilities, there are the so-called feed barges that operate close to the net pens. A net pen is a circular, floating ring from which a net is suspended that encloses the farmed fish.

Different vessels for different jobs

From the feed barge, where fish feeding operations are managed from a control room, work vessels make daily trips out to the pens. Fish farm workers have to make trips to inspect the facility and remove the bodies of fish that have died of disease or from other causes.

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