Wild Alaska Pollock to Shine Spotlight on Consumer Behavior and Seafood Perceptions

SEATTLE, Wash.— Consumer insights and market intelligence will be core to the fifth-ever Wild Alaska Pollock Annual Meeting on September 28th, the Association of Genuine Alaska Pollock Producers (GAPP) announced today. As it does each year, Ketchum PR will present in-depth consumer insights gathered from surveys designed to measure consumer perception of Wild Alaska Pollock and highlight opportunities for the fish in the future. Excitingly, Ketchum’s head of data and analytics, Mary Elizabeth Germaine, will be joined on stage this year by two social media ‘influencers’ who participated in campaigns throughout the past year to raise awareness of Wild Alaska Pollock, sharing original recipes and anecdotes about cooking with the fish.

“I think everyone is curious about what an ‘influencer’ is and what they influence,” said Craig Morris, GAPP Chief Executive Officer. “For the brands and companies in the room who are exploring working with these influencers to promote their product, we thought hearing directly from them on what’s worked, what hasn’t when it comes to seafood and Wild Alaska Pollock, specifically, would be incredibly valuable.”

Angelica Castaneda (@angelicacastaneda_), a digital content creator and blogger and Angela Kim (@mommydiary) will take to the stage to share their thoughts on navigating the ever-changing social media world, creating digital content and what it means to ‘be an influencer’ in 2023.

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