FAO Releases New Publication: Blockchain Application in Seafood Value Chains

This publication establishes chain traceability as the substrate over which digital solutions need to operate. It provides a comprehensive introduction to blockchain, and covers smart contracts, explores how they relate to blockchain with an example of their use in seafood value chains, and then examines major development and operational considerations for blockchain applications.

California Giant Is Blockchain Compliant

California Giant Berry Farms announces its blockchain compliance with IBM Food Trust. This game changing technology connects all participants of California Giant’s berry supply chain with permissioned visibility of immutable data.

FREE Webinar: An Alternative to Blockchain

March 7, 2020 Dapicon Inc.

Supply-chain solutions provider Dapicon, Inc. is announcing a webinar titled, An Alternative to Blockchain. This 45-minute webinar will take a practical look at the difference between Blockchain technology vs existing technology and infrastructure for traceability.

Infratab Freshtime RF Sensor Blockchain Solution for Fresh Seafood Wins 2019 AIM Case Study Competition

November 7, 2019 Infratab

Infratab, Inc. is pleased to announce its case study RFID Tags & Blockchain for the Seafood Cold Chain has been chosen as the top entry in the Blockchain category in AIM’s 2019 Case Study Competition.

VeChain is Leading Co-sponsor of GDST Seafood Trackathons

October 14, 2019 VeChain

To meet the increasing requirements, it’s necessary to standardise business practices and harmonise regulations to promote interoperable traceability within the seafood sector.