How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Will Benefit The Floral Industry

Changes happen all the time when it comes to doing business in the floral industry. That’s particularly true of the past few years, as we’ve had to adapt to the pandemic’s shifting tides.

And one of the most fascinating and beneficial changes to the floral industry is the advent of blockchain technology. In this article, we’ll discuss blockchain, how it can benefit the floral industry, and how cryptocurrency (like Bitcoin) is changing the way florists and suppliers do business.

What is Blockchain Technology?
While blockchain technology is still too new to know exactly how it will evolve, one thing is for sure: It will provide some significant benefits to the floral industry supply chain. The biggest benefit will be transparency since every network participant will share data and information in real-time, from production to packing to shipping and delivery. This will increase the individual responsibility of everyone on the supply chain.

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