12 Tips to Increase Your Online Floral Sales for Christmas 2021

November 24, 2021 Rio Roses / Equiflor

Christmas is a special time each year when people do their best to bring joy to others and celebrate the spirit of the season. Yet, with the ongoing pandemic and supply issues, many people will be doing their Christmas shopping online this year.

Celebrating Life at Danziger’s Virtual Salsa Party

December 14, 2020 Danziger

Last Thursday Danziger hosted a first-of-its-kind virtual salsa party for its Latin America clients to celebrate Christmas and the new year to come.

Most Expensive Baking Box of Christmas Treats Retails For €44,300

December 14, 2020 Britain & Ireland Loves Baking

With just a month until Christmas, Britain and Ireland Loves Baking, a direct-to-consumer baking box company which was established during the COVID pandemic, has unveiled the world’s most expensive baking box full of luxurious seasonal treats.

2020 Christmas Trees: Perfect Picks for Indoor or Outdoor Celebrations

December 1, 2020 Cornell University

For families looking for safe ways to participate in traditional holiday activities, spending time outdoors picking a Christmas tree might just fit the bill. Cornell University experts, Brian Eshenaur and Daniel Weitoish, offer insight on how Christmas tree picking may look different during the pandemic, what tree varieties might work best in your home and how to spruce up your holidays with a live, outdoor tree.

Abundant Poinsettia Colors Bring Beauty to Holidays

In this year of COVID-19, we will celebrate our holidays differently than in past years. But despite any accommodations we have to make, there’s one thing that will always be associated with the Christmas season, and that is beautiful poinsettias.