Celebrating Life at Danziger’s Virtual Salsa Party

Last Thursday Danziger hosted a first-of-its-kind virtual salsa party for its Latin America clients to celebrate Christmas and the new year to come.

The party broadcasted live from 3 main locations: Danziger Israel, Danziger Colombia and Danziger Ecuador and gathered all the Latin America customers including the ones from the US into one lively zoom party. During the party there was a WhatsApp group for all of the attendees to share pictures, chat and send best wishes to the new year to come. This, to add a more personal touch to the zoom party and to let people feel as if they were all together in one place, something that was missed so much this year.

“We felt that now, just before Christmas and the new year to come, it was a great opportunity to meet, even if from afar, and organize a festive zoom party with a good band and live music, salsa dancers, great laughs with lots of good industry friends, to bring some joy into our lives and to celebrate life together like we all know best”. said Gaby Danziger, Danziger CEO. “We are glad we had the privilege to reunite and see each other, almost as we used to in the past, and look forward to the next time we can see face to face up close” he added.

“Among all of the challenges we faced this year, we also had to deal with the social distance, and the lack of traveling, and we found ourselves communicating with our customers remotely and virtually”, he said. “However, we have not given up on human contact and ongoing communication with our customers, as we believe that at the end of the day, business is done between people, and there is no substitute for interpersonal connections and human contact. The party was just an excuse to meet, chat and have some fun together”, he added.

About Danziger

Danziger, a global leading breeder of bedding plants and cut flowers, holds hundreds of patents and breeder’s rights and offers over 600 different plant varieties, sold in more than 65 countries. The company’s R&D department is one of the largest in the field, and it operates advanced production sites on three continents. Danziger markets its varieties to approximately 1,000 customers and holds more than 200 license agreements with nurseries worldwide.

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