Danziger Showcases Next Generation Genetics- Six Series Deliver More for Growers, Retailers and Home Gardeners

Six Series deliver more for growers, retailers and home gardeners

Danziger varieties are bringing home accolades from across the globe. These top performers bring next-generation genetics that provide solutions for growers, eye-catching displays for retailers and great performance for home gardeners. Here is a look at the top must-have series your customers will be asking for in 2024.

COLIBRI Calibrachoa

Not all calibrachoa perform the same. Different varieties serve different needs for growers and gardeners alike. Danziger’s COLIBRI Series is a controlled growth calibrachoa that requires little to no PGR application. It stays naturally compact making it perfect for 6-packs, small pots and tidy hanging baskets. COLIBRI is available in 23 vibrant colors including stunning Abstract and Bling patterns.

ALONIA Angelonia

2024 is the Year of the Angelonia. The National Garden Bureau has chosen this annual to be part of its Year Of program, drawing consumer attention to its  beauty and versatility in the garden. Are you ready for this end-user attention? Danziger’s ALONIA  Angelonia angustifolia series captured attention at global trials this year, and for good reason. ALONIA puts on a show from spring through summer with color-saturated blooms and an upright habit. Trialed and tested in Israel, all the ALONIA varieties offer great heat tolerance. They can be grown in small pots but continue to gain size in the garden. There are more than a dozen options in the ALONIA and ALONIA Big series.


The CAPELLA series is gaining a reputation as the perfect petunia for both growers and home gardeners. CAPELLA meets every grower need, performing well in propagation, blooming early enough for any program and creating a tidy pot with minimal PGR use. CAPELLA will continue to grow and gain size in the garden with plenty of bloom power. This series offers 18 color choices, making it easy for home gardeners to pick their favorite. 

STREAM Compact Lobularia

This isn’t the lobularia of the past. STREAM Compact is next generation breeding that offers everything you love about lobularia and minimizing issues of older varieties. This controlled growth series stays compact in the greenhouse and blossoms for the home gardener, filing out mixed containers, hanging basket and larger containers. It’s also a beautiful landscape plant, binging captivating fragrance that attracts pollinators. STREAM Compact is available in four colors.

GEM Lantana

If you’re looking for reliable summer color, GEM Lantana delivers with bold and bright hues that home gardeners love. This series has been trialed and tested around the globe for bloom cycling, only those varieties that are proven to deliver season-long color are added to the program. Developed in Israel, GEM offers superior heat tolerance for maximum performance in combos, hanging baskets and as ground covers. There are six colors in the GEM series and five options in GEM Compact.

AMORE® Petunia

There is so much to love with AMORE® Petunias. Each color in this series offers five hearts on every bloom. This pattern is a favorite with home gardeners, creating eye-catching mono-culture pots, beautiful hanging baskets and unique combinations. AMORE is also stunning planted in the landscape. There are eight varieties to choose from, each one will capture your heart!

Choosing top performers can help your business thrive. Ready to learn more? CLICK HERE to view or download the new 2024 catalog or contact your Danziger representative for more information and availability.

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