A Baltimore Staple: Otterbein’s Cookies Celebrates 140 Years in Business

June 21, 2021 Lowell Meiser, WBAL

Otterbein’s Cookies is celebrating its 140th year in business this year and remains a Baltimore staple.

Levain Bakery’s Iconic Cookies Now Available Nationwide at Whole Foods Market Stores

April 20, 2021 Levain Bakery

Whole Foods Market stores will carry three classic Levain Bakery cookie varieties, including Chocolate Chip Walnut, Two Chip Chocolate Chip, and Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip, a flavor debuting exclusively at Whole Foods Market.

Mother’s Introduces Sparkling Mythical Creature Cookies just in time for National Unicorn Day

April 8, 2021 Ferrara

Mother’s, the makers of the Circus Animal® cookies, have launched a new variety that brings your imagination to life in sparkly bite-sized treats with Mother’s Sparkling Mythical Creature Cookies.

Black History Month Profile: Wally Amos

February 18, 2021 Dawn Foods

A man gifted with the ability to view the world with optimism, Wallace “Wally” Amos, Jr. is the smiling entrepreneur behind Famous Amos Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Fancypants Baking Co. Announces Two New Cookie Flavors in Upcycled Cookie Product Line

January 27, 2021 Fancypants Baking Co.

These additions extend their Upcycled product line which debuted with Okara Chocolate Chip cookies in September 2020. The two new flavors further the company’s mission to reduce food waste while creating delicious snacks embodied by the company motto, Eat a Snack, Save the Planet!