2022 Copper River Salmon Season Launches on May 16

It’s official. Alaska’s Copper River commercial salmon season will begin on Monday, May 16th, when the region’s commercial fishermen will be allowed to set their nets for a twelve-hour opener to harvest the revered king and sockeye salmon from the icy glacial fed waters of the Copper River Delta.

Copper River Salmon Fishery Brings Season’s First Catches, Camaraderie — and Hope

After last year’s weak run and uncertainty from the pandemic, one of Alaska’s best-known fisheries is underway with a prevailing sense of optimism.

Copper River Salmon Harvest Underway

All eyes will be on early Cordova dock prices for Alaska’s famous “first fresh salmon of the season” as an indicator of wild salmon markets.

Copper River Salmon Run Continues to Lag

The Copper River sockeye salmon run continues to lag. Citing Monday’s numbers, State upper river management biologist Mark Sommerville says the sonar count and fishing both remain sub-par.

Copper River Salmon Fishery Opens During Coronavirus Concerns

May 14, 2020 Rebecca Palsha, KTUU

Thursday morning the Copper River salmon season began bright and early at 7 A.M. The salmon are famous for commanding high prices across America — with this popular fishery known as the earliest salmon opener in Alaska.