EverCrisp a Rising Star in 2023

February 27, 2023 Superfresh Growers

Superfresh Growers® second Washington State EverCrisp® apple crop is off to a great start. A rising star born in the Midwest, EverCrisp is now also enjoying a solid retail focus across the coastal and mountain west, south-central, and beyond. EverCrisp’s name comes from its unmatched ability to hold freshness and sweetness, a trait inherited from its parents, Honeycrisp and Fuji. Fans love its powerful crunch and sweet, juicy bite. 

Leadership Transitions at CMI Orchards

September 1, 2022 CMI Orchards

CMI Orchards announced today that the company has advanced several positions within the company in preparing for a period of tremendous growth.

How Yes! Apples Uses Omnichannel Marketing to Reach and Educate Audiences

May 11, 2022 Yes! Apples

Yes! Apples, a fresh, consumer-first apple brand, approaches marketing a bit differently than many in the produce business. 

Midwest Apple Improvement Association Adds 65 Years Experiences to its Team

With growing season accelerating, the Midwest Apple Improvement Association (MAIA) is strengthening the support it provides to its more than 1,000 members by adding two industry veterans to its team.

Applewood Fresh EverCrisp, The Sweetest Apple for Your Healthy Lifestyle

January 28, 2021 Applewood Fresh

When it comes to exciting new apples available this winter, the best was saved for last: EverCrisp® expands its availability this year as a late-season, sweet apple that packs a superior crunch.