How Yes! Apples Uses Omnichannel Marketing to Reach and Educate Audiences

GLENMONT, New York – Yes! Apples, a fresh, consumer-first apple brand, approaches marketing a bit differently than many in the produce business. 

Not all consumers shop the same way. Some may be perusing grocery store shelves, while others may be shopping online. Yet others discover new finds via social media.

Yes! Apples brings all of these together with its omnichannel marketing approach, which is designed to reach current customers while also targeting those who may be new to the brand. The company experiments to find the right mix of marketing tactics to get its messages out there.

“We’re putting a fresh spin on how we talk about apples,” said Tenley Fitzgerald, vice president of marketing, Yes! Apples. “By putting on our consumer product hat and thinking about center store mentality and techniques as a business strategy, we’re able to apply those principles to a category in which it’s not as common.”

Through its use of lifestyle content and partnerships, Yes! Apples shares its story about growing practices, sustainability initiatives, and how the brand is woman-led, which is somewhat unique in the male-dominated produce industry.

“Many consumers may not realize that where an apple is grown affects how it tastes,” Fitzgerald says. “The Hudson River Valley, Lake Champlain, and Lake Ontario regions are home to some of the best-tasting apples in the world, due to its rich soil and temperate climate.”

The company’s approach to working with growers is also a cornerstone of what sets it apart. “Our ability to provide quality apples to consumers rests largely on our partnership with the growers we work with,” Fitzgerald explains. “Many of the farms we work with are family-owned and operated.”

Yes! Apples leverages social media platforms including Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter to share its stories and messaging with consumers. 

“As consumers look more toward social media outlets to learn about products they buy, Yes! Apples has leaned into those channels to reach its audiences,” Fitzgerald said. “For example, we find that approaches such as amplifying product reviews from customers and working with microinfluencers have been very effective in helping us spread the word about how New York-grown apples taste. As we introduce new varieties like SnapDragon and RubyFrost, both of which are exclusive to New York, it’s important to get the word out about how they might differ from traditional apple varieties people may be more familiar with.”

Yes! Apples launched an e-commerce shop last fall, allowing the company to bring that fresh from the tree experience directly to consumers across the U.S. The company also offers gift options, including gift cards. 

About Yes! Apples

Yes! Apples is a fresh, consumer-first apple brand that puts great-tasting apples at the forefront of the produce industry. Based in Glenmont, New York, the company is woman-owned, family-farmed, and sustainably driven. Powered by over 100 years of growing expertise and rooted in quality, Yes! Apples proudly offers 20+ varieties that are grown, picked and packed across New York state, including SweeTango® and New York exclusives SnapDragon® and RubyFrost®. Visit Yes! Apples and buy online at, or follow us on Instagram @yesapples, Facebook, Twitter at @yes_apples, and Pinterest at @yesapples.