Village Farms Bee-Lives In Doing Good With IPM

June 11, 2021 Village Farms

Among Indoor farmers, especially hydroponic greenhouse growers, and more specifically high-tech Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), such as the type of farming Village Farms growers engage, an IPM program was developed and implemented with great success in the greenhouse industry thanks in large part to the contribution of Village Farms.

Partnership Brings Innovation, Wealth-Creation and Flavorful Local Produce to Rhode Island

June 10, 2021 Mastronardi Produce

Innovative leader in greenhouse vegetable growing, Mastronardi Produce, and Rhode Island Grows, a family owned farming operation spanning three states, have broken ground on the construction of a 25-acre greenhouse in Exeter, Rhode Island – an effort to bring more high-flavor fresh fruits and vegetables to the region.

Cutting-Edge Greenhouse Opens Doors in Colorado

June 1, 2021 Spring Born, Inc.

Spring Born, a 3.5-acre indoor hydroponic farm, is breaking ground in the CEA industry. The company is one of the first leafy green greenhouses in Colorado to undergo USDA Organic Certification. Spring Born products will be available for retail distribution starting August 2021.

Revol Greens Doubling Production Capacity to Meet Demand for Certified Organic Greenhouse Lettuce

May 14, 2021 Revol Greens

Answering retailers’ calls for a safer and more consistent source of leafy greens, Revol Greens’ first quarter 2021 launch of new USDA Certified Organic Spring Mix, Green & Red Duo, and Romaine Crunch line has quickly sold out among new and existing customers. To meet growing product demand, the nation’s largest greenhouse lettuce grower is expanding its production capacity.

Celebratory Start of Greenhouse Construction HilverdaFlorist

May 4, 2021 HilverdaFlorist

HilverdaFlorist continues with the next phase of the construction of the greenhouse project at their main location at the Dwarsweg in De Kwakel. On Thursday 29th of April construction started with the celebratory piling of the first pole. On behalf of the Managing Board and the Production Management team, Arthur Koekkoek and Nico Reijm had the honour to give the start signal and piled the first pole into the ground.