HilverdaFlorist Acquires Royal Series from Takii

March 4, 2022 HilverdaFlorist

HilverdaFlorist is pleased to announce the acquisition of the gerbera Royal F1 series from Takii. Since 2021 both parties have collaborated to accelerate pot gerbera breeding and seed production. This successful partnership has resulted in a strategic step for both companies; the acquisition of the complete gerbera Royal series by HilverdaFlorist.

Change commercial representation HilverdaFlorist in Colombia

October 11, 2021 HilverdaFlorist

As per January 1st 2022, the full cut flower assortment of HilverdaFlorist in Colombia will be represented by HilverdaFlorist Colombia. Up to this date the gerbera assortment has been represented by Ball Colombia. After this transition, the entire cut flower assortment will be produced and commercialized by HilverdaFlorist Colombia.

Murara Plants Kenya Launches New Website

September 1, 2021 Murara Plants Kenya

Murara Plants Kenya is a propagator and supplier of high-quality young plant material of cut flowers, pot, patio and garden plants suitable for every climate. We will officially launch our website on the 28th of August 2021 as www.muraraplants.com and @MuraraPlants on Social Media.

Florist North America Changes Name to HilverdaFlorist North America

July 28, 2021 HilverdaFlorist

With this step we strengthen our position in the North American market and HilverdaFlorist North America has an extensive range in Gerbera, Dianthus, Echinacea, Alstroemeria, Salvia and Hellebores products. HilverdaFlorist North America gives us the opportunity to directly deliver rooted plant material from our extensive assortment to the Canadian market.

24 Unique Introductions in HilverdaFlorist’s Exclusive Online Magazine

July 7, 2021 HilverdaFlorist

As you can expect from us our introductions are cutting-edge genetics and premium varieties for the grower, wholesale, retail and consumer.