HilverdaFlorist and Dümmen Orange Discontinue Exclusive Licensing Agreement (North America) for Potted Dianthus

DE KWAKEL, THE NETHERLANDS – After years of close cooperation for the production of unrooted cuttings for the HilverdaFlorist Dianthus pot series, HilverdaFlorist and Dümmen Orange are ending their licensing agreement. This collaboration has been a main driver in the production and sales of unrooted cuttings for potted Dianthus, including the Sunflor®, Beauties®, Olivia, Odessa® and Kahori Series, for the North American market.

Due to strategic considerations, both companies have decided to discontinue the exclusive licensing agreement, effective February 1st, 2025. HilverdaFlorist and Dümmen Orange will ensure the availability of the mentioned series until the specified date.

“Starting February 1st, 2025, the complete potted Dianthus range will be exclusively available at Aris-Green Leaf Plants, marking the commencement of our new licensing agreement for the North American market”, says Sjaak Sijm, Commercial Team Lead HilverdaFlorist. Aris-Green Leaf Plants (Lancaster, Pennsylvania) is already a trusted source with HilverdaFlorist for the production of the Dianthus Flow® series. Aris-Green Leaf Plants will be offering both unrooted and rooted liners through all the North American broker networks from their Pennsylvania facility.