Hortgro Ignites Winter Stone Fruit Demand with Consumer Promotion to Educate And Generate Sales

April 24, 2024 Hortgro

Hortgro an organization that supports and represents the interest of the deciduous stone fruit industry of South Africa, provides retailers with consistent quality product availability, consumer intel from inaugural promotion results, and plans for expanding into the nectarine market. 

South Africa’s Hortgro Launches Inaugural Consumer Promotion in the USA

March 5, 2024 Hortgro

Starting from the ground up, Hortgro is greatly utilizing Facebook and Instagram to organically gather contacts and promotion participants while also sharing information about South African plums to new audiences. In addition, the company will be sampling at select Costco locations in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Georgia with in-store signage to promote the sweetness of the product and the promotion.