KM Packaging Launch Sustainable Lidding Film Range to Meet APCO National Targets

October 27, 2022 KM Packaging

Global flexible packaging supplier KM Packaging is launching a range of sustainable lidding film solutions for the Australian market.

KM Continues to Set the AA-Grade Standards

October 4, 2022 KM Packaging

KM Packaging continues to set the highest standards for product quality and safety. The global flexible packaging and lidding films supplier has been awarded an AA grade in its BRCGS Audit for the fifth year running.

KM Packaging Introduces a New Cling Film, Compostable With Industrial Versatility

September 22, 2022 KM Packaging

Cling film once revolutionised the way food was wrapped and kept fresh. And consumers in the 70s discovered a new skill as they mastered the art of unrolling the film and sealing everything from fresh produce to their favorite workplace snacks.

Wonky Bread is Well Wrapped in New Compostable Bags

July 5, 2022 KM Packaging

The UK’s first “wonky” bread box required an important extra element … an eco-friendly bag. Earth & Wheat found the ideal solution in the form of a home-compostable bag supplied by KM Packaging.

Bags of Freshness for Home-Delivered Pasta

May 5, 2022 KM Packaging

An ideal ingredient has been added to the fresh pasta delivery service being provided by Nonna Tonda. They are now using compostable bags from global flexible packaging and lidding films supplier KM Packaging.