Goat Cheese vs. Cow Cheese: The Nuances Retailers Need to Know   

This lack of understanding presents a valuable opportunity for retailers to serve as trusted advisors. By proactively addressing common questions consumers have about goat cheese—such as its nutritional value compared to similar looking cow cheeses—retailers can help bridge the knowledge gap, empower consumers to make informed decisions, and guide them in selecting the right product for their dietary preferences.

LaClare Creamery Expands Chèvre Line with Three New Flavors

August 1, 2023 LaClare Creamery

In celebration of August being National Goat Cheese Month, LaClare Creamery is expanding its fresh goat cheese line with three new flavor varieties: Chili Lime, Mediterranean, and a seasonally available Pumpkin.

Two Flavored Goat Cheeses from LaClare Creamery Win First Place in 2023 American Cheese Society Competition

July 26, 2023 LaClare Creamery  

LaClare Creamery celebrates two first place medals at this year’s American Cheese Society Competition. One first place award went to LaClare’s Fig & Honey Goat Cheese in the ‘Fresh Goat Cheese with Sweet Predominant Flavor’ category, and the other to their Chipotle Honey Goat Cheese in the ‘Fresh Goat Cheese with Savory Predominant Flavor’ category.

LaClare Creamery Honored with First Place Win at U.S. Championship Cheese Contest

March 6, 2023 LaClare Creamery

LaClare Creamery, a 100% domestically produced goat cheese brand, won first place for their Fig & Honey Goat Cheese at the 21st biennial United States Championship Cheese Contest®. With an impressive score of 99.275 in the Soft Goat’s Milk Cheeses Flavored with Sweet Condiments category, this luscious chèvre combines LaClare’s Original Goat Cheese with sweet figs and honey for a distinctly delicious balance of flavors.

LaClare Creamery Awarded First Place at the World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest

September 26, 2022 LaClare Creamery

LaClare Creamery, known for its world-class goat cheeses, celebrates receiving first place in the mixed milk cheese category in the 19th annual World Dairy Expo Championship Dairy Product Contest. Judging for this year’s contest took place from August 23-25 at MATC Culinary School in Madison, Wisconsin. An auction of all category first place winners will take place October 4, in conjunction with the World Dairy Expo at Alliant Energy Center in Madison.