MSC Continues to Evolve its Multi-Stakeholder Board

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Board of Trustees will be joined by five new members from across the retail, fishing and conservation communities. These important appointments will ensure that the MSC Board of Trustees continues to involve a wide range of expert views as it sets the strategic direction of the organisation.

New Measures Introduced to Combat Forced and Child Labor in Seafood Businesses

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) has today announced new requirements for seafood suppliers and processers. They include the introduction of independent audits of labour practices for supply chain companies if a risk of forced or child labour practices is established.

Seafood Fraud: Is your hake fake? Not if it’s ecolabeled!

DNA barcoding of more than 1400 Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) labelled products has shown that less than 1% were mislabeled, compared with a reported average global seafood mislabeling rate of 30 percent.

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When it Comes to Seafood, are Consumers Shopping Their Values?

A global study of seafood consumers found that 81% of North American seafood consumers agree that fish and seafood must be protected for future generations. The study also found that 70% of consumers agree that supermarkets’ and brands’ claims about sustainability should be clearly labeled by an independent organization. However, only 24% of North American shoppers notice ecolabels when they’re at the grocery store. How can we bridge the gap?

MSC Certificate Remains Suspended for Gulf Of St. Lawrence Snow Crab Fishery

The MSC certificate for the Gulf of St. Lawrence (GOSL) snow crab trap fishery in Canada remains suspended today following an audit by certifier SAI Global (SAIG). The annual surveillance audit included a full review of the fishery’s performance against the MSC Fisheries Standard as well as progress of the corrective action plan implemented following the suspension of the certificate on March 20, 2018.