Mandatory Plant-Based Milk in Schools? Here’s Why a Louisiana Congressman is Proposing it

Citing statistics that show most students of color are sickened by the milk school cafeterias must serve, Louisiana Congressman Troy Carter has filed a bill to require schools to offer dairy alternatives during mealtimes. 

1836 Farms Debuts Organic Milk Products in Environmentally Friendly, Signature Glass Bottles

December 9, 2022 1836 Farms

1836 Farms, a family-owned organic creamery serving the entire state of Texas, is pleased to announce the launch of a new plant-based milk alternative product, Oatness, to add to their existing line of traditional organic white milks, chocolate milk, cold brew coffee milk and seasonal flavors such as eggnog, blueberry, banana, strawberry, peach, and orange creamsicle.

Danone North America Shares Progress on Regenerative Agriculture Program, Covering Nearly 150,000 Acres and 75% of its Dairy Milk Volume

November 4, 2022 Danone North America

Danone North America, the purpose-driven food and beverage leader with a diverse portfolio of dairy and plant-based brands, today announced the year five results of its multi-year, multi-million-dollar regenerative agriculture program, which includes both dairy milk and almond milk sourcing. Since its launch in 2017, the program has expanded its reach to 144,771 acres, greatly exceeding the company’s goal to reach 100,000 acres by 2022.

Dairy Farmers of Ontario Launches Everybody Milk, a New Campaign That Celebrates Our Collective Love of Milk

October 28, 2022 Dairy Farmers of Ontario

Dairy Farmers of Ontario (DFO) is proud to launch Everybody Milk, an integrated campaign that invites you to celebrate milk. The love for milk is universal – an unignorable passion that has always existed. The campaign reminds us of this love, and how milk is a part of so many milestones and celebrations throughout our lives.

Global Milk Industry Digestibility Breakthrough

October 12, 2022 Naturo

Naturo, the company behind the world-first patented ‘Haelen’ milk processing technology which gives fresh milk a 60-day shelf life has achieved another significant breakthrough in the global milk market, this time for digestibility. Haelen technology is the biggest development in the global milk industry since pasteurisation.