Peruvian Asparagus Importer’s Association Announces New Co-Chairmen After Almost a Decade

The Peruvian Asparagus Importer’s Association (PAIA) announced at their 2023 October Board Meeting while in Anaheim, California their new Co-Chairman for 2024-2025, Carlos Solf of Southern Specialties for the East Coast Chair and Craig Rolandelli of Jacobs Malcolm & Burtt (JMB) for the West Coast Chair.

Peruvian Asparagus Importer’s Association 2019/2020 Fresh Asparagus Statistics, Trends and Demographics Report

“The Fresh Asparagus report is ESSENTIAL information for retailers to increase their sales of fresh asparagus for today and the remainder of the year,” states Priscilla Lleras-Bush, PAIA Coordinator.

Peruvian Asparagus Importer’s Association Anticipates Peak Season

With the fresh Peruvian asparagus peak season upcoming, we have already started with a steady crop that will initiate creativity and freshness across the United States consumers’ shopping bags – whether consumers buy on-line or in-store.

Peruvian Asparagus Importer’s Association Announces 2020-2021 Co-Chairmen

The Peruvian Asparagus Importers Association (PAIA) announces the election of the association Chairmen for 2020-2021. The chairmen are voted upon by Association Membership to a two year term. The Co-Chairmen were announced by Priscilla Lleras-Bush, PAIA Director at the Association Meeting – October 2019 in Anaheim, California.

Peruvian Asparagus Importer’s Association 2018/2019 Offers Category Trends, Demographics & Marketing Tips for Fresh Asparagus

The report reveals that asparagus is a continued growing trade within the United States and fresh Peruvian asparagus imports have increased year over year by 13%. The Association continues to grow and look for new ways to promote asparagus and advance the industry as a whole.