Alaska Seeks More Than $1B in Price-Fixing Lawsuit Targeting Large US Poultry Producers and Distributors

The Alaska Department of Law is seeking more than $1 billion from 21 businesses involved in the poultry industry, accusing them of operating a cartel and illegally inflating the price of most chicken sold in the state.

Pilgrim’s Pride Agrees to $75 Million Settlement For Price-Fixing Claims

January 13, 2021 Jordan Strickler, Forbes

Pilgrim’s Pride, one of the nation’s largest chicken processors, has reached a $75 million deal to settle price fixing claims. The company will be coughing up the largest settlement thus far in a drawn-out legal battle over alleged collusion among the companies which dominate America’s $65 billion chicken industry.

Federal Court Denies Motions to Dismiss Turkey Price-Fixing Case

November 11, 2020 JD Supra

On October 26th, Northern District of Illinois Judge Virginia M. Kendall denied three motions to dismiss a putative class action alleging that the nation’s leading turkey suppliers—including Butterball, Cargill, House of Raeford, Tyson, and Perdue—engaged in a conspiracy to fix the prices of turkey sold in the United States over a seven year period.

Pilgrim’s Pride Strikes Plea Deal Over U.S. Chicken Price-Fixing Charges

October 14, 2020 Reuters

U.S. poultry company Pilgrim’s Pride Corp said on Wednesday it will pay a $ 110.5 million fine after striking a plea deal with the Justice Department over price-fixing charges on chicken products.

Second Pilgrim’s Pride ex-CEO Embroiled in Federal Price-fixing Investigation

Federal prosecutors indicted a second ex-CEO of Pilgrim’s Pride and five others from the poultry industry with criminal charges alleging they conspired to fix prices for wholesale chicken over several years.