Stemilt’s Nostalgia Marketing Golden Raves Campaign Huge Success

October 13, 2021 Stemilt

Stemilt’s dive into nostalgia marketing paid off during their most recent campaign around their signature variety, Rave® brand MN55 cultivar apples. The consumer-facing digital campaign designed to help consumer’s win gold was inspired by Roald Dahl’s fictional character Willy Wonka and the search for the golden ticket.

Applewood Fresh Growers Gears Up For a Flavorful Michigan Harvest Season

August 17, 2021 Applewood Fresh Growers

Applewood Fresh®, a premier produce brand and fourth-generation grower, packer/shipper and marketer of Michigan-grown apples is counting down the days to the start of their flavorful harvest, with Rave® and SweeTango® leading the way.

Nostalgia Brings Rave Apples Golden Raves Campaign to Life

August 16, 2021 Stemilt

Rave® brand MN55 cultivar apples are back in season and with that not only comes high-quality, outrageously juicy apples, but another exciting consumer-facing digital campaign designed to help consumers win gold. 

New Crop Rave Apples Are Back

August 2, 2021 Stemilt

The outrageously juicy apple with the refreshing, snappy zing is back! Rave® brand MN55 cultivar apples made their grand appearance at Stemilt’s Olds Packing facility in Wenatchee, WA on July 30 and certainly brightened up the place!

Stemilt’s Fast Facts The Cast Talks About Rave Apple’s Impact

June 9, 2021 Stemilt

Summer fruit season is in full swing, but Stemilt is looking ahead to early August and a quick start to the new apple season with the return of Rave® brand MN55 cultivar apples.