Duncan Family Farms Provides Promotable Opportunities Ahead of Annual Spike in Herb Consumption

November 9, 2022 Duncan Family Farms

Duncan Family Farms, a leading grower of certified organic baby leaf items and fresh herbs, offers retailers merchandising and sales support with their line of 18 fresh, organic herb varieties heading into the holiday cooking season.

Colorful Summer Gardens You Can Grow Right Now

June 27, 2022 Monrovia

Looking to create a stunning summer garden? Now is the time to add new varieties that will keep the landscape bursting with color. From Lavender to Salvia, patio trees to pollinator magnets, Monrovia is offering helpful videos filled with tips and new plant choices to add beauty to your garden.

Green Life Farms Expands Into Herb Market With 11 New Products

December 29, 2021 Green Life Farms

Green Life Farms has added 11 herb varieties to its lineup of clean, fresh, hydroponically-grown lettuce, further expanding its sales lineup and footprint across the Southeast U.S. The company is growing its meal kit delivery partnership with a major U.S. home meal kit delivery service. In addition to supplying baby leafy greens, Green Life Farms will now provide individual herbs and custom herb blends to the meal kit company under a long-term supply contract. Herbs will also be available at grocery locations across South Florida.

Kvarøy Arctic Announces 2nd Annual Women in Aquaculture Scholarship With SAGE

March 30, 2021 Kvarøy Arctic

The scholarship is hosted in partnership with SAGE (Seafood and Gender Equality), a non-profit initiative founded by former Fair Trade USA director Julie Kuchepatov with a mission to build a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive seafood industry and sustainable seafood movement.

SAGE Launches New Campaign Focused on Women in Processing

November 17, 2020 SAGE

A World Bank survey (World Bank, 2010) suggests that 85.5% of fish processing workers worldwide are women, however, there is little information on the contributions women make to the industry overall and they are rarely represented in media and communications about the sector.