In One Place, For One Fish, Climate Change May be a Boon

October 7, 2021 Miranda Weiss, The Atlantic

Bristol Bay’s sockeye harvest has long made up about half of the global catch of this species, in a seasonal blitz as short as it is enormous. And this year, Bristol Bay outdid itself, notching the largest sockeye run in the region’s recorded history with an astonishing 66 million returning fish. Even more astonishing, this season capped nearly a decade of extraordinarily high salmon returns in Bristol Bay, where sockeye harvests have reached more than 50 percent above the most recent 20-year average.

Peter Pan Seafoods Announces Base Price for Bristol Bay Sockeye

June 22, 2021 ISABELLE ROSS,

This is the first time in at least 25 years that a Bristol Bay processor has announced its base price this early in the year, according to Travis Roenfanz, the Bristol Bay manager for the company.

‘Quite Dire’: Fraser River Sockeye Salmon Run Expected to be Worst Ever Recorded

August 14, 2020 Rafferty Baker, CBC News

The expected run has been downgraded to less than a third of pre-season forecasts, and unusually high water levels on the river have made for a challenging migration for early-season sockeye.

Alaska Sockeye Harvest Breaks All-Time Top 5; Pinks Picking Up

The 2019 salmon season has seen plenty of fish return to the state, but far from evenly across regions.

Processors Post $1.35 As Base Price For Sockeye

August 12, 2019 Sage Smiley, KDLG News

The following processors have posted a 2019 base price of $1.35 per pound for sockeye: Silver Bay, Icicle, Leader Creek, Alaska General Seafoods, Red Salmon (a subsidiary of North Pacific Seafoods), Peter Pan and Ocean Beauty.