5 Vegan Cool Concepts

Vegetarian concepts are becoming more commonplace. A growing number of people are trying to replace the proteins in meat and fish with proteins from vegetables. And while veganism is not yet as common as vegetarianism, there has been a marked increase in people pursuing this lifestyle. Their diet is completely plant-based. These vegan concepts prove that being vegan offers a variety of options.   

Bunnie Cakes
Miami-based Bunnie Cakes was founded by Mariana Cortez after a failed attempt to find a vegan birthday cake for her oldest son who was allergic to dairy. Her grandmother – her inspiration and an awesome baker – gave her a couple of recipes. Mariana made them vegan and started baking cupcakes in her kitchen at home.  Today, Bunnie Cakes are sold in many wholesale locations around Miami. You can recognise them by the tiny decorative heart… and Mariana pours her heart and soul into every one of them.

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