Farm-to-Table Bakeries that Take Transparency and Local Sourcing to the Next Level

Consumers aren’t just interested in what goes into their bread. People want to know how those ingredients and the bread itself are made. This call for transparency and sustainability has bakeries working on a shorter food chain. Frontrunner bakeries are using locally grown grains and some even go as far as milling their own flour. Meet: the farm-to-table bakery.

According to our 2023 Taste Tomorrow consumer survey, 64% of global consumers look for products that are produced sustainably. We see the interest is highest in the Middle East and Africa (78%), followed by South-America (75%) and the Asian-Pacific countries (71%).

Transparency is key

This makes transparency regarding where you source your ingredients from and how your products are made essential to thrive nowadays. That information is important to 68% of consumers now, versus 66% in 2021. But transparency in itself doesn’t cut it. Food preferably has to be locally sourced, with a positive impact on all stakeholders involved. That means an entirely ethical supply chain, with not just unsprayed crops, but fair pay for farmers too. 

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