Hanan Products Launches Virtual Bakery Technician Program

HICKSVILLE, NY – Bakeries across the United States strive to make the perfect cake but sometimes need assistance with technique and usage details in regard to specific whipped toppings, icings, and dessert fillings. To address this need, Hanan Products Company, a 75-year-old industry leader, is launching the Hanan Virtual Bakery Technician program, beginning in mid-April. The program offers free remote support to Hanan’s customers – distributors, supermarkets, and bakeries – through talented in-house techs who have mastered product usage and performance. This eliminates wait for on-site technicians, expedites scheduling, and provides simultaneous support to multiple stores/bakeries.

Hanan’s bakery technicians are trained food scientists who, themselves, have developed and designed Hanan’s products. They have numerous qualifications and are knowledgeable about Hanan’s entire product line and ideal techniques to create a beautiful, high performing, tasty finished product. These staff members are equipped to address customers’ questions and needs, which often focus on proper handling and usage, as well as finished product appearance and storage techniques. Virtual Bakery Technicians will interact with customers to address their specific and immediate questions and challenges.

“When our customers share a challenge or question, they expect answers in real time. With the Hanan Virtual Bakery Technician program, the first of its kind, we’re able to provide this high-level video support when needed most, said Hanan Products’ COO Ryan Hanan. “By troubleshooting problems as they come up, we keep our customers on schedule.”

Hanan’s Virtual Bakery Technicians are available to customers Monday through Friday, 9am-3pm EST. Bilingual services are available.


Hanan Products Company Inc. was founded in 1946 by research chemist Stuart Hanan. As a leading food production manufacturer, Hanan has developed a broad line of premium quality whipped toppings, icings, and fillings sold by distributors and used by supermarkets and bakeries around the world. With an overwhelming interest in quality, and a very active research and development staff, Hanan has created products for every practical aspect of the baking industry.