IBIE: A Spotlight on Sustainability in Baking for Earth Day

For nearly 50 years, Earth Day has served as a reminder of how important it is for us all to be good stewards of our planet. At IBIE and Flowers Foods, we recognize that sustainability makes the industry stronger and increases profitability over the long term. Flowers is committed to applying sustainability processes to all aspects of its business. Working with team members, business partners, suppliers, and customers, we continually look to prevent waste of water, packaging, energy, and other resources.

In 2018, we established new sustainability goals for 2025 that will reduce manufacturing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions 20% per metric ton of product, decrease water use 20% per metric ton of product, and achieve zero waste to landfill companywide (98% or greater diversion of waste from landfill).

Some of our strategies for achieving our goals include replacing our lighting to energy-efficient LED bulbs and upgrading our compressed air systems. To date, 12 of our bakeries have been certified under the EPA’s ENERGY STAR program and five bakeries have achieved the ENERGY STAR challenge. 

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