Is Coffee Flavor The Next Salted Caramel?

Every few years, a new flavour trend pops up – one that you just cannot miss as a baker, patissier or baked goods developer. In the last decade, the biggest ‘it’ flavour was salted caramel. But now, a new trending flavour profile is emerging: coffee. Research by flavour houses Prova and Lucta emphasise coffee as a major food trend, and American supermarket chain Whole Foods affirms ‘coffee beyond the mug’ as one of the top food trends of 2021. Now that coffee is on its way to becoming the next salted caramel, we help you grasp this new flavour trend with insight into popular flavour combinations and the different ways to apply it in baked goods.

The coffee lifestyle

Coffee is one of the world’s most popular drinks. For a lot of consumers, coffee has almost become a way of life. Many people frequently visit coffee shops with skilled baristas, use locally roasted speciality beans and try out coffeehouse innovations such as iced coffees and cold brews. These consumers also crave these authentic coffeehouse experiences from their baked goods and chocolate, so it’s an interesting new flavour to incorporate into your creations.

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