Lesaffre: Communication Covid 19

For several weeks now, the world has been facing an unprecedented health crisis. In its history of more than 160 years, Lesaffre has already been through events with major consequences for the planet.

Very early on, as soon as it appeared in China, where the group has three production sites, we organised ourselves to react to the impact of this crisis. We have gradually extended this mechanism to our facilities throughout the whole world as the pandemic progressed.

Our first priority has been to guarantee the safety of our employees and, in the same spirit, the safety of the service providers and transporters working at our sites. Strict health safety measures, or barrier measures, have been implemented at each of our sites to protect people who work there. Strict respect for these rules is required. They are regularly audited by our safety teams, the safety of everyone in their daily work is at stake. Everyone adheres fully to these rules.

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