Levain Bakery Will Bring Its Cult Cookies to Supermarkets This Fall

Before the Covid -19 pandemic made waiting outside stores ubiquitous, the longest, most tenacious line in New York was the one that led into the Upper West Side’s Levain Bakery. Whether in winter subzero weather or scorching hot temperatures in the summer, the wait could take a half-hour for one of the lauded chocolate chip cookies the size—and heft—of a hockey puck.

In September, fans of the gargantuan cookies will be able to line up at select supermarkets, instead of a New York storefront.

Levain will roll out its first consumer packaged goods at the Texas-based Central Market. The cookies will be available in four flavors—chocolate chip walnut, two-chip chocolate chip, dark chocolate peanut butter, and oatmeal raisin. The price for a box of eight 2-oz. cookies will be around $8. The company is also negotiating with additional supermarkets for national distribution.

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