Longstanding Heritage of Artisanal Bakeries in Europe Cements its Lead in Global Sorbitan Esters Market, Says Fairfield Market Research

LONDON — The global sorbitan esters market is expected to thrive between 2021 and 2025 as it finds widespread application in the food and beverages industry as a solubilizer and stabilizer in doughs and margarines. This organic compound is also used in the cosmetics industry as an emulsifier in creams and ointments. Sorbitan esters have the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approval, enabling their use in various foodstuffs and pharmaceuticals. According to Fairfield Market Research, the worldwide sorbitan esters market is projected to be worth US$1,721.5 Mn bn by the end of the forecast period, registering a CAGR of 5.2% from 2021 to 2025.

Desire for Organic, Vegan, and Baked Foods Boost Demand in Global Sorbitan Esters Market

The three types of sorbitan esters available are sorbitan monopalmitate, sorbitan tristearate, and sorbitan monooleate. The food and beverages segment is predicted to be the largest end user as consumers shift towards naturally-sourced organic foods. Sorbitan esters allow the efficient processing of foods and add value by way of improving aeration, stability, and product quality. They even avoid recrystallisation in different oils and fats. Additionally, the marked increase in consumption of baked items has given rise to artisanal and home bakeries, which is expected to drive the sorbitan esters market as well.

The cosmetics industry is a close second as social media influencers who command huge followings in Gen Z audiences influence their sartorial choices, benefiting the global sorbitan esters market. The versatility of sorbitan esters makes it well-suited to a variety of skincare products, generating immense opportunities for major stakeholders. Sorbitan esters are also being deployed in production of leather goods and textile manufacturing as agents for better oil and water emulsion.

Stringent Regulations Can Stifle Growth Prospects in the Sorbitan Esters Market

Sorbitan esters play a vital role in enhancing the taste and texture of various foodstuffs. However, excessive use can be lethal and close monitoring by regulatory authorities is essential. In 2017, the acceptable daily intake (ADI) of sorbitan esters was set at 25 mg/kg of body weight. This can prove problematic to long-term growth in the sorbitan esters market.

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Asia Pacific to Show High Value Share in Global Sorbitan Esters Market

The report states that Europe dominates the global sorbitan esters market with bread being an important part of the local cuisine. The region’s bakery market was worth US$230 billion in 2020, which is an indicator of significant consumption sorbitan esters as the trend continues. This is expected to grow in the forecast period as bread-based meals are the ideal solution for consumers seeking on-the-go options. In addition, veganism is particularly strong in Europe with large supermarkets offering clean-label, plant-based products prominent placement on their shelves.

Meanwhile, Asia Pacific region is a huge consumer of cosmetic products as tech savvy individuals on social media seek haircare, skincare, and hair dyes in a mobile first region. In the past two decades, beauty pageants have made a compelling case for cosmetic products. Consumers want moisturizing lotions, age-reversing creams, and sunscreens, undoubtedly spiking demand for sorbitan esters. The report states that the region will represent a value share of 22.0% and gain 133 BPS by 2025.

Companies profiled in this exhaustive report on the sorbitan esters market are Dupont, Oleon Holding NV, Esterchem Ltd, Lonza Group AG, Vantage Specialty Chemicals Inc, Merck KGaA, Ivanhoe Industries Inc, Penta International Corp, Avatar Corporation, and SABO S.p.A.

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