General Mills Foodservice Rolls Out Gold Medal All Trumps Dough Ball

MINNEAPOLIS — General Mills Foodservice announces the debut of a new dough ball from its trusted flour brand that pizza makers know and love. Gold Medal™ All Trumps™ Dough Balls deliver the premium quality and precise specs expected from All Trumps flour in an easy-to-use dough ball format, offering a labor-efficient solution for authentic New York-style pizza crust.

The All Trumps Dough Balls are the latest in a string of innovations from General Mills Foodservice that arm pizza makers with a complete range of flour, dough and crust solutions to meet diverse back-of-house needs. Since acquiring TNT Crust™ in 2022, General Mills Foodservice has augmented its rich 150-year heritage in flour by adding new labor-efficient dough sheets, READI RISE™ and parbaked options from the BONICI® and TNT Crust brands.

“We continue to hear from customers who struggle with staffing, which can lead to dough inconsistencies,” said Tom Santos, senior technical training specialist for General Mills Foodservice and a member of the Doughminators™—a prestigious team with deep knowledge of flour and technical baking expertise to help pizzerias dominate their dough. “With the All Trumps Dough Ball, we wanted to give pizza makers an efficient solution that makes it easier for them to get the consistent results they rely on without sacrificing quality.”

The dough balls are made with Gold Medal All Trumps flour—enriched, unbleached and unbromated, high-gluten spring wheat flour—for an authentic, thin New York-style pizza crust. Available in 8-, 16-, 20- and 24-ounce sizes, the pre-flattened dough balls offer flexible slack time for consistent performance in a range of conditions and are packed in bulk to eliminate unnecessary and excess packaging.

“With fast and easy stretching and low snapback, All Trumps Dough Balls offer a foolproof way to make pizza with a crispy exterior and soft interior for that perfect bite of a folded New York slice,” said Santos. “General Mills Foodservice is proud to add the new dough balls to our other crust solutions to help pizza makers so they can focus on other areas of their business.”

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