Mexico’s Marvelous Baked Good Concepts

Mexico: land of the Maya and Aztecs (the inventors of chocolate), and land of burritos, tacos and nachos. But these are not the only baked goods that Mexico excels in. Discover 6 concepts that prove Mexico should be on the visiting list of anyone who is fond of of bread, patisserie and chocolate.

Panadería Rosetta Juarez
Next to a vast range of handmade bread, this popular bakery in Juárez serves an extensive range of both sweet and savoury pastries. Their crispy apple pies, crunchy rolls of ricotta with yellow lemon and seasonal panettones are mouth-watering. Panadería Rosetta sells products with simple as well as more complex flavours, like rolls with sausage and chimichurri, or with dried tomatoes and black olives. You can go there for vegan and typical Mexican products as well.

Peace of Cake
This all-vegan bakery sells cupcakes for everyone, even for puppies! All the beautiful cupcakes on their menu are vegan, and to top it of they have options for special diets: sugar-free, gluten-free, soy-free and nut-free. At Peace of Cake, they’re always looking for the balance and well-being of our consumers. To make the best products, they use only the best ingredients: mostly local, organic and seasonal, friendly for the environment and free of cruelty.

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