Pleasure Meets Performance in Chocolate With Adaptogens, Nootropics and Botanicals

Gone are the days when people would eat an apple for their health and a piece of chocolate simply for enjoyment and indulgence. Nowadays, consumers expect their food to deliver in all areas: it has to be tasty, healthy and improve your focus – even chocolate treats. According to our latest Taste Tomorrow survey, 68% of consumers worldwide select foods and ingredients based on the health benefits they have to offer. The latest rage right now? Adaptogens, nootropics and botanicals that improve mental health and cognitive function. 

One in four consumers is happy to shell out for foods with specific health benefits, making it the third most important food benefit that people want to pay more for. Especially in South America (37%, the Asia Pacific region (33%) and the Middle East and Africa (29%), consumers are interested in health-boosting ingredients.

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