Ontario’s Kawartha Wholesale Bakery: Local Business has Been Enduring Success Story

On a good day, if you who live behind the Lindsay Square Mall, you’ll be greeted by the smell of cinnamon and fresh bread, and Jeff Strybosch is glad his company is responsible.

While the bakery might look small from the outside, behind the scenes is a mixture of kitchen and factory, with delicious delicacies produced by the truckload. When the Advocate visited recently, there were too many racks to count filled with loaves, pastries and buns. One of the bakers was racing against a machine capable of making about 9,000 buns an hour, throwing them swiftly into a wooden tub of cornmeal next to him.

The original and long-time owner of Kawartha Wholesale Bakery & Deli, Strybosch was kind of forced into the business alongside his three brothers. His mother and father, Heather and Peter Strybosch, opened a different bakery, Peter’s Bun Stop, on Hwy. 36 in Lindsay back in 1980.

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