Puratos: This Tube Cake is as Convenient as it is Delicious

Today’s consumers have busy lives, so convenience is important in everything. Even when it comes to food. The latest Taste Tomorrow survey revealed that consumers all over the world long for ultimate convenience. This is mostly linked to obtaining food as easily as possible, with a high level of service and a minimal amount of effort. But it’s also about convenience in eating. And that’s where this delicious tube cake comes calling.

Ultimate convenience: easy ordering, easy delivery, easy eating
Ultimate convenience is one of the nine global trends that were revealed by the latest Taste Tomorrow survey. Consumers want immediate access to anything they desire, as easily as possible, without having to wait or compromise. Buying food online and other technological innovations can make things more convenient. But it’s more than that. It’s also about appreciating finished goods that can be consumed conveniently, and that are convenient in their tasting.

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