5 Protein Enriched Concepts that Prove Health is Here to Stay

Consumers nowadays look for bread, cakes and fine patisserie that fit their individual healthy lifestyles, on top of being tasty, fresh and attractively presented. More than 60% of consumers would appreciate baked goods adapted to their personal nutritional needs, according to our Taste Tomorrow survey among thousands of consumers in 44 countries. These 5 successful protein-enriched concepts prove the upswing of bakery products with an extra nutritional value.

1. Eat Me Guilt Free: high protein cakes to bake at home (US)

Next to their better-for-you brownies, protein breads and tortillas the healthy cake mix brand Eat Me Guilt Free introduces protein-packed cake mixes in vanilla and chocolate taste. The cake includes 9 grams of protein per slice and just 6 grams of sugar compared to the 22 grams of sugar in a regular cake slice. The cakes are easy to prepare at home as people only need to add ingredients like oil and eggs. This concept also taps perfectly into the homebaking and eatertainment trend.

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