Puratos US Adds Line To Wisconsin Chocolate Plant

KENOSHA, WIS. — Puratos US celebrated the installation of a new production line at its chocolate plant in Wisconsin on Feb. 23. The line was added to respond to increased demand.

“The types of products we have and the high quality that we have is resonating really well with our customers,” said Andy Brimacombe, president of Puratos US, who was on hand for the celebration. “We’ve seen really strong growth over the last couple of years in volume. As a result, we’re continuing to invest in the business.”

The production line, the fifth at the facility, will help the company increase capacity up to 20%. The facility produces high-protein, organic, non-GMO and other special chocolate and cocoa products under its domestic Chocolante and Carat brands. It also will produce Cacao-Trace chocolate and compound coatings from Puratos’ sustainable cocoa sourcing program.

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