AFE Memorial Tribute Established in Memory of Harold Wilkins

January 22, 2021 American Floral Endowment

Dr. Wilkins was a major force in the floriculture world, creating ideas, generating research, and mentoring students that profoundly influenced industry and academic directions. The $1,000 fund was established by Royal Heins, one of his students and professional colleagues.

Jet Fresh Flower Growers 2021 Farm Showreel

It’s been almost three years since Jet Fresh became rose growers back in March 2018. And in the short time, our boutique farm, Jet Fresh Flower Growers, S.A. has made great achivements in developing quality Ecuadorian roses that are socially and environmentally conscious.

Valentine’s Day 2020: Sharing The Love In Record Numbers

January 21, 2021 Rio Roses / Equiflor

According to 2020 Valentine’s Day statistics, consumers are spending more than ever before. This year, as people are hunkered down at home, the spending trend should only increase — particularly when it comes to flowers!

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HilverdaFlorist and Takii Join Forces to Accelerate Pot Gerbera Breeding

January 20, 2021 HilverdaFlorist

HilverdaFlorist and Takii extend their existing relationship with a collaboration on pot gerbera breeding. By joining forces, the companies aim to meet customer demand in a rapidly changing pot gerbera market.  Takii successfully runs a

Chrysal Will be Climate Neutral by 2030

January 20, 2021 Chrysal International

Sustainability has always been very important at Chrysal. With our updated Chrysal Cares program we want to set the standard for sustainability in our industry. Fighting climate change is one of our pillars we focus on. And with that we want to be climate neutral by 2030.