Chobani Thinks Outside the Yogurt Pot in a New Animated Campaign

When people hear the name Chobani, the first product they think of is usually Greek yogurt. That’s the only item the brand sold when it began, and it’s still its best known. 

Now, after a series of product introductions of dairy and non-dairy items, Chobani is ready to showcase itself as a broader player in the overall food and beverage business. The effort kicks off today with an animated spot called “Dear Alice” that features a diverse group of animated characters and shows a range of Chobani products—everything from oat milk to cold brew coffee, creamers to probiotic drinks and, of course, yogurt.

The spot shows a whimsical world including some more traditional ad cues, such as people gathering around a table for a meal; and hints at a sustainable world that is more futuristic, such as a machine that picks peaches and inflatable wind turbines.

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