International Dairy Foods Association (IDFA): This June Dairy Month, Explore 5 Ways Dairy is Strengthening Diets in Communities

IDFA will share information, resources, and surprising facts about how dairy can fit into the diets and lifestyles of Americans of all ages, from all backgrounds and communities, and from all income levels.

IDFA President and CEO Michael Dykes shares in an open letter to the industry:

Our goal with this information is to raise awareness about how Americans can better incorporate nutritious dairy foods into their busy lives. From policymakers who design nutrition programs; to legislators who fund these programs; to educators who decide what children will eat in schools; to parents and caregivers who feed their families every day—dairy offers something nutritious and delicious for nearly everyone. We hope you use the information IDFA will publish throughout the month. For our comprehensive toolkit, visit here

Michelle Albee Matto, MPH, RDN, Associate Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Nutrition for IDFA, begins the month by offering five ways dairy is strengthening diets in communities across the country.  

1. Dairy: A Nutritional Powerhouse

Did you know 8 out of 10 Americans from all backgrounds believe dairy is essential for a healthy diet? Read the latest research by the International Food Information Council to learn more. 

2. Taste and Affordability: A Winning Combination

Let’s be honest, taste matters! Most of us choose dairy because it’s simply delicious. The good news is, dairy is also budget-friendly. In fact, dairy prices are forecast to decline this year.

3. Lactose-Free Options for Everyone

For those with lactose sensitivity, there’s no need to miss out on the goodness of dairy! The lactose-free market is booming, offering a variety of products like milk, yogurt, cheese, and even ice cream that taste great and deliver big nutrition without discomfort. 

4. Busting Dairy Myths

There’s a lot of misinformation out there about dairy, and IDFA will spend time throughout June busting those myths and shining a light on the facts. 

5. Don’t Know Who to Trust? Get Reliable Information

We encourage consumers and policymakers alike to look to trusted sources for accurate information about dairy nutrition and to avoid making decisions based on what someone says on social media—these claims are almost always unverified. 

Read and share Matto’s blog here.

This June Dairy Month, let’s find new reasons to celebrate the power of dairy to bring us all together. Read and download IDFA’s resources on June Dairy Month by visiting our media kit, here.