Alto-Shaam Expands Heated Shelf Merchandisers Line with New Model

Further innovating its heated shelf merchandisers line, Alto-Shaam has added a 36-inch, two-shelf model as another solution for grab-and-go food programs.

The shorter, more compact height of the new model will allow for better sightlines to customers and provide additional opportunities for employees to engage with visitors. 

Similar to all other models in the heated shelf merchandiser line, the two-shelf model features an additional layer of top heat. This top heat paired with exclusive Halo Heat® technology provides the highest quality, extended holding of the most delicate food items, such as burritos, sandwiches, pastries and more—without compromising food quality.  

“Whether selling to-go boxes, bags, boats or paper-wrapped items, our merchandisers with top heat significantly extend holding times,” says Michael Cayo, product and pricing manager at Alto-Shaam.

“To further increase sales, the new two-shelf countertop merchandiser has LED lighting, glass sides and can be customized with company branding and logos, enabling operators to better showcase to-go food options.”

Two-shelf models are now available to order. For more information and to see Alto-Shaam’s full range of merchandisers and food display solutions, visit: