Atalanta Corporation Announces Acquisition of J.A. Kirsch

Elizabeth, NJ— Atalanta is pleased to announce the acquisition of J.A. Kirsch, an importer of canned seafood and specialty shelf-stable products. This is our third acquisition is the last eight months.

Established in 1905 and based in Teaneck, New Jersey, J.A. Kirsch built a notable reputation, particularly with the 1950 introduction of its Ruby brand, named after the owner at that time -Ruby Gruenbaum. Over the years, Ruby has become synonymous with high-quality, shelf-stable foods found across foodservice distributors in the US.

J.A. Kirsch will continue to operate independently of Atalanta, while we work on a plan to integrate the organizations. At that time, the Ruby brand will then be integrated into Atalanta’s portfolio in the upcoming months, enriching our collection of proprietary brands and augmenting our market presence.

Tom Gellert, President of Atalanta, comments on the strategic importance of this acquisition: “Ruby’s wellestablished market share and long-standing supplier and customer relationships significantly bolsters Atalanta’s standing as a leader in the food industry.”

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