Costco Sold More Rotisserie Chickens in 2021 as Grocery Prices Hit Record Highs

Jim Sinegal, one of the co-founders of Costco, forcefully told CEO Craig Jelinek almost four years ago to never raise the price of the $1.50 hot dog and soda combo in food courts. It’s not the only deal that has weathered inflation at America’s largest warehouse chain.

Costco sells 100 million rotisserie chickens every year—and they’ve been the same price for more than a decade! If you’re a member, a whole bird only costs $4.99. In fact, the warehouse chain actually loses money on the sticker price in the long run.

The tags on Costco rotisserie chickens have read $4.99 since 2009, thanks to the warehouse’s commitment to holding the price steady. While you can still pick one up for less than $5, food prices are at their highest in a decade—and there appears to be little relief in sight.

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