How Bizerba Slicers Support the Delicatessen Business

Where perfection is non-negotiable, you will find Bizerba machines. In particular, we found our slicers in the delicatessen store of Antonio Schillinger in Merano. Here, dried ham such as South Tyrolean speck and prosciutto crudo are transformed into perfect slices. We met Antonio for a brief chat.

Could you briefly tell us how our slicers have changed everyday life in your delicatessen?

Antonio Schillinger|

Of course! The Bizerba slicer really does make a huge difference. The precision we now have is impressive. Our customers appreciate the even, perfect slices of sausage, ham and cheese that we can offer thanks to your machines. But it’s not just about the look. The quality of the slices has an impact on freshness and aroma, which is essential for delicatessen products. 

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