Rogers Collection Introduces Veigadarte con Malta

Newly added to Rogers Collection, another impressive cheese made by Joaquin Villanueva Casado from Castilla-Leon, Spain. 

Veigadarte con Malta is a goat cheese matured with barley malt and recently won a gold medal at the prestigious WORLD CHEESE AWARDS held in Bergen (Norway). Subtle, mild, creamy texture, well balanced with hints of nuttiness.

This cheese is made by a small artisanal producer named Joaquin Villanueva Casado.  His creamery is located in the hills of Castilla-Leon.  Joaquin used milk from two goat breeds:  Murciano-Granadina and Verata.   The milk from these breeds has a high butterfat content.

Mr. Joaquin, the cheese maker, carefully analyzes the milk for specific qualities and characteristics, including fat content, prior to production.

Mr. Joaquin’s dream is to own his own goats and he will be able to achieve his goal purchasing his own flock in one or two years.