Tetra Pak Introduces 14 State-of-the-Art Lines for Cheese Manufacturers

Tetra Pak announces the development of 14 new Best Practice Lines (BPLs) for cheese manufacturers, the latest of which – specifically customised for Cottage cheese – launched today. The other cheeses that will benefit from these BPLs include Mozzarella, Semi-hard cheese, Cheddar, and Fresh cheese production. Together, these cheese types make up 79% of all cheese volumes and have a CAGR forecast of 3% (2021-2025). Two of the new lines (Mozzarella and Cheddar) were recently previewed at the Global CheeseExpo (6-8 April).

Leveraging over 50 years of experience in the cheese category, the biggest dairy food segment in the world at 42% share (and more than 27Billion Kg), the new BPL concepts provide a complete production solution for customers, optimised to fit their needs. The processing lines utilise proven equipment combined with industry-leading expertise to create a safe and easy route to profitable cheese production with a higher yield, while incorporating the traditional cheesemaking techniques. The hygienic production process enables a longer product shelf life, as well as consistent and replicable quality. Sustainability is also a factor, with solutions focusing on reducing water, steam, and power consumption.

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