Texas Iberico Named Top 10 Finalist for H-E-B Quest for Texas Best

Menard, TX – Texas Iberico™, a line of American artisan charcuterie and fresh frozen pork, was recognized as a top 10 finalist in the 9th annual H-E-B Quest for Texas Best competition. Texas Iberico’s entire line is available in Texas at all Central Market stores and will launch their charcuterie sampler tray exclusively at H-E-B this fall.

Texas Iberico was founded in 2018 by rancher Ashly Martin and his business partner Tim Harris, CEO of LaTienda.com. The herd of 100% pure breed Iberico pigs free range, certified humane, and are raised outdoors in the Texas Hill Country for over 18 months. They forage on native grasses, acorns, prickly pear cacti and their favorite, mesquite beans.  Iberico pigs are native to Western Spain and are celebrated for their healthy meat, cured hams and the sustainable way they are raised. 

Ashly, a former Marine with two tours in Afghanistan, manages his herd of over 1000 pigs with his wife Meredith and their two sons on their ranch in Menard, Texas. “These pigs are tough and perfectly adapted to our hot Texas summers,” said Ashly.  The animals are rotated in different pastures on the ranch, clearing the land of invasive plants and brush.  “This land was overgrazed many years ago.  The pigs have helped restore the pasture and bring back the grasses,” said Ashly.  “The genetics of the animals, along with how we raise them, produces the best pork I’ve ever tasted.”

Texas Iberico is managed by co-owner Sondra Crawford, founder of Marker Tree consulting. Sondra is a Texas native who has been involved with the project since the beginning. With the support of GFI, a premier Specialty Food distributor and best in class retailer Central Market, Texas Iberico entered the market with their award-winning charcuterie in 2020. “More and more, the consumer wants to know where their food is from and the story of the company and people involved. It is our responsibility to educate the consumer on why Texas Iberico products and practices are really something special.”

Texas Iberico partnered with one of the most innovative cure masters in the country, Kevin Outzs, to create a line of charcuterie that was unapologetically Texas.  Texas Iberico recipes incorporate prickly pear juice, mesquite smoke, chile pequin and serrano peppers.  “This is a great example of New American Charcuterie.  We honor this amazing Spanish animal with an approach that is all about Texas, with heat, smoke and spice,” said Kevin.   “We were attracted to this project for so many reasons and think that the final product reflects the love that goes into raising these animals and the love we put into the curing.”

Texas Iberico cured meats are currently available at all Central Market stores in Texas, Murray’s in New York city, and in H-E-B stores this November.  You can find more information and order product at the company’s website:  www.texas.iberico.  Click here for a short video produced by Austin-based Mixtape Marketing.