Takii Launches Corelli – You deserve Nothing Less

Corelli – You deserve nothing less. With this new campaign, breeder Takii brings its large-flowered, fringed Lisianthus collection to the attention of growers, exporters, wholesalers and florists. With its colours and shapes, Corelli brings elegance, luxuriance and a touch of drama into perfect harmony.

High ornamental value

When you see the Lisianthus collection Corelli, it immediately becomes clear that this is a versatile flower. The assortment consists of different varieties in a wide range of colours, is of high quality and has a long vase life. Because of the availability of the charismatic Corelli in different colours, a florist can use it for various arrangements. Corelli is easy to combine with other flowers, which makes it the perfect series for a graceful bouquet with a touch of drama. A florist simply deserves to use Corelli’s Lisianthus in their flower arrangements. Corelli, you deserve nothing less!  

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